Comonex - Specializing in physical oil trading and supply.

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Comonex Beheer B.V. is an privately held independent commodity trading, marketing and alternative investment company established in The Netherlands, focused on oil supply, transportation, offtake of crude oil, petroleum, fuel oil, mid distillates and concentrates worldwide — included alternative investment in vegetable oils (palm oil plantations).

The company is still 100% owned by the Hajduk family. Together with its strategic partners Comonex is building strong opportunities in physical commodities trading & investments. Until present time the Company has preserved its private and independent character, whereby the founders continue to play an active role in the business operations.

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Building up a strong and ever lasting bond with our partners trough ongoing cooperation added value through widely knowledge of our markets / combining global contacts / offering attractive terms for sale / efficient logistics / trade outsourcing solutions

Bridging different cultures

Matching offer & demand

Comonex CT&M is focusing on the export of Energy commodities, to countries in- and outside the European Union.